Tweezerman Brow Kit



I knew I was going to be receiving the brow kit from Tweezerman, but as an added bonus it's all rolled up in a nice cloth roll up case. They even sent an eye lash curler, how did they know I needed a new one! I literally was looking at them in the drug store a couple days before the kit arrived.

Everything in this kit is great quality, I just had to take the time to find out which items could be easily used by me. Keep in mind, what I liked may not necessarily be what you may use for yourself.

I really liked the ProCurl Lash Curler. It opens and closes smoothly and easily. It opens nice and wide so you can grasp the lashes with ease. It even can with replacement pads - bonus!



There are so many tweezers in this kit but the ones I liked the best and found myself using most often (besides normal slanted tweezers) was the Point Tweezers. It's great for grabbing eye brow strays and your not going to grab extra or a different one. It's pointed so you can easily see if you have the one your looking to pluck or not. Next is the Brow Shaping Scissors & Brush. The scissors are incredible. They are kind of bent so you can see your brow while trimming, genius! Paired with the brush they're a perfect team. Then there is Brow Definer and Highlighting Duo . It's simple to use, pencils at both ends. I never realized what a difference this would make. Last but certainly not least is the Browmousse. This you use when your finished with everything else. It's keeps stray in place if any and gives a beautiful finished look to all the work you've done. I think the Browmousse is one of the best inventions ever, I love it.


TheTweezerman Brow kit included:
  • Slanted Tweezer -  $22
  • Pointed Slant Tweezer - $25
  • Slanted Tweezer (with city skyline pattern) - $22
  • Satin Etched Zebra Slant Tweezer - $25 
  • Point Tweezer - $22
  • Special Edition Pop of Op Mini Slant Tweezer (pink with blue diamonds pattern) - $15
  • Folding ILashcomb -  $9.50
  • Brown Shaping Scissors & Brush- $18
  • Eyenhance Brow Definer and Highlighter Duo - $20
  • Browmousse - $10
  • Sharpener - $4
  • Procurl Lash Curler in Rose Gold - $20
  • One Cloth Roll Up Case



How to get them: Order online at - all items are sold individually.

                                   Posted 6/7/12 - FHS received this product free for review purposes. All opinions expressed are solely mine.