Tweezerman's Cynthia Rowley Collection



I love it when I receive Tweezerman products to review. I haven't been disappointed yet with anything I've received from them and these products live up to Tweezerman's  quality. The great thing about these products is Cynthia Rowley gave her designing expertise to the collection for this year. The tweezers without the Cynthia Rowley design won a "Beauty Award Winner" from Allure. They have the slant on the end that makes it easy to pluck one strand of hair. I really like the design on them. Not only is the design nice to look at but, it makes it easy to find since tweezers always fall to the bottom of my makeup case!




I don't know about anyone else but my nail files always end up in the bottom of the drawer in the bathroom. Not only do I like the graphic design on the file, it's a perfect size for easy maneuvering while filing - about 4 inches. Another great perk about this file is it has it's own plastic case to keep it clean between uses. It's about time someone thought of that!



How to get them: Tweezerman's Cynthia Rowley Collection is sold exclusively at Sephora. The slant tweezers are $25.00 and the file with case cost $5.00.

Posted 11/8/12 - FHS received this product free for review purposes. All opinions expressed are solely mine..