How would you like to turn your smartphone into a scanner? You can use the StandScan at neighborhood or PTA meeting or on the road for work. It's collapsible and folds flat so it fits in a briefcase, backpack or large purse. You fold it together with the magnets that are attached, insert your document and take your picture. The inside of the box lights up, (using 9v battery), so you can get a great picture without any shadows. The hole you take the picture through is small, but large enough for the smartphone camera lens.  You can center the document easily by looking at the smartphone screen before you actually snap the picture.

After you take your picture, use your phone to text, email, tweet or post it to Facebook. You can also send it to a shared Google Drive or Dropbox account.



Arrives flat - easy to assemble.
You can see the lights at the top and the circles are magnets that hold everything together.



Center what you want to scan inside.
Put the camera over the hole and take a picture.



This is the picture I took with the StandScan.

I played with our StandScan for this review, but that will probably be the last I see of it. My husband travels around the country for his job, he inspects boats for an alphabet agency, he decided that he could really use this. If he inspects a boat and would like to have a copy of a document from the boat, he won't have to wait for it to be sent to him. He can just pull his StandScan from his backpack and get a copy right there. No electricity needed - just a 9v battery. Right there, on the boat and he has what he needs immediately.

The Standscan would be great for sharing the kids artwork. Just take the photo and post it to your Facebook page for the whole family to view. You can also use it as a light box if you want to take a picture of some items that you want to post on eBay. All this from your smartphone!



How to get it:  Order your StandScan from Amazon.

 Posted 12/17/12 - FHS received this product free for review purposes, all opinions expressed are solely mine.