I completely get that some people love to work out. They go to the gym faithfully several days a week and feel good about it. Me on the other hand, I can’t commit to a gym membership. I think it would be a waste of money for me. I do believe I would go......sometimes. That’s where the problem is, if you don’t go on a regular basis then your wasting your cash. I’m a frugal blogger, I don’t waste cash.

You could buy one of those big bulky treadmills or workout machines which are great. But what if you don’t have the space, they would take up half your living room. offers light weight, easy to use workout equipment and accessories that you can use right in your home. Plus, they are all small enough to store in a closet or even a drawer! Plus, when you travel there small enough to fit into your suitcase so you can take your workout with you.

I tried the Men's Health Quick Adjustable Resistance Band and the Sportline Cardio 360 Codes Heart Rate Monitor.

The Quick Adjust Resistance Band is great, I’m loving it! It come’s with a DVD that shows the exercises you can do. Just pop it into the DVD player and you have your own personal trainer. The band adjust from 0 – 5 feet. Plenty long enough to workout every part of your body. Just an FYI: When adjusting the tubing length, it’s recommended that both sides be wound equally so that the tubing is evenly distributed within each handle. I just thought I would mention that because I was having issues at first, once I wound equally things were better. The band also comes with a workout guide you can hang on the wall. It shows 12 different body workouts. I watched the DVD but like the guide better. Simply because I can watch the news and refer to the guide while working out.



                 About the Resistance Band     

  • 0 to 5ft latex resistance band
  • Dual Patent-pending TURN Key Adjustors
  • Total body workout
  • Perfect for home or travel
  • Padded swivel handles for ergonomic flex
  • Complete workout guide and DVD included



The Cardio Heart Rate Monitor is a handy tool. You can monitor your heart rate, set alarms for how long you want to work out (I’m all for knowing when to stop), calorie burn tracker and even a calendar! It comes with a chest strap to put the monitor around your chest and the results are shown on what looks like a watch you wear on your wrist. The best part it was easy to set up. If I can set it up and use it during a workout, anyone can.



How to get them: Order online at

Posted 6/16/12 -  FHS received this product free for review purposes. All opinions expressed are solely mine.



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