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I received ten Spike Seasonings to review, yes ten! You probably have some of these speasonings in your spice cabinet already but by a different company. So what's different about Spike?

Spike Seasoning Magic is made with all natural ingredients, you can read and understand all the ingredients easily on the label. It's also lower in salt than other spices and several are salt and/or gluten free. Don't worry, there's still tons of flavor!

Even Dr.Oz  mentioned Spike Seasonings "Salt Free Magic" as a great all natural alternative to salt. That's a huge endorsement!



Our Dinner: We didn't use salt at all in this meal to see if we would miss it.

We used several of the seasonings for this meal. We mixed together HotNSpicy, Garlic and Onion Seasonings and put the mix in with panko bread crumbs. We coated some chicken breast and baked them in the oven. Yum! With the same meal we tried Vege-Sal, the label says it's great on a baked potato. We were up for that challenge, remember you can use Spike in place of salt. So we did. The Vege-Sal has celery, carrots, onions and more in it. What a big difference in flavor, in a good way. I even spinkled the Salt Free Magic on our green beans, it gave them a nice boost.

Conclusion: It was delicious! We didn't miss adding salt. In fact we didn't add pepper either we just used Spike Seasonings. I can't wait to try the rest.



Spikes Seasonings - 10 Choices: Onion Magic (Salt & Gluten Free), Lemon Pepper Magic, Vege-Sal Magic, HotNSpicy Magic (Gluten Free), Original Magic (Gluten Free), Salt-Free Magic (Salt & Gluten Free), Vegit Magic (Gluten Free), Garlic Magic (Salt & Gluten Free), 5-Herb Magic (Salt & Gluten Free), Tenderizing Magic.



How to get it: Order online from Spike Seasoning Magic for $2.99 each or pick them up at your local health/natural food stores and grocery stores. Follow Spike on Facebook or Twitter.



 Posted 4/14/12



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