Have you heard about Smiley360? You can receive free products to try! You just sign up at Smiley360 and complete your profile.

As new products come available, you'll get an email, though it's good to check their site a couple times a week too. You  have to fill in a questionnaire about the product to see if you get approved to try it.

Once invited into the "mission" all you have to do is try the product offered to you and report your thoughts back to Smiley360. That's it! Keep in mind if you don't report back your experience with a product, you won't be offered anymore free stuff!

Free Hot Samples does not receive compensation for referrals to Smiley360. It's just a great way to get free stuff! I've been a member of Smiley360 for a couple years now!


If your a Smiley360 member you should try BzzAgent too!