Safeway's Just for U Program & Blogger Event







                                  Safeway Attendees:
Steve Frisby: Division President, Seattle/Portland (pictured above)
Mir Anmir: President, Customer Loyalty & Digital Technologies
Tamara Pattison: Director of Loyalty Product Management
Sara Osborne: Public & Government Affairs Manager

Recently, I went to a local blogger event here in Seattle. Safeway was rounding up local bloggers to let everyone know about their Just for U savings program. The event lasted about 6 hours and it was non-stop information, questions and more information.

I'd heard of the Just for U program from a cashier at my local Safeway about a week before I was invited to attend. Once I knew I was going to the event, I decided to not use it until I had the full scoop from those who created it.

First we all went in to set up our laptops. Yup, blogging was aloud at this blogger event. Then we all grabbed some breakfast and settled in. From that point on it was all about Just for U and how to use it.

No more clipping coupons, unless you want to. I know there are some diehards out there, (I may be one of them).

1st: You need a Safeway shopper loyalty card, grab one from the customer service desk or a cashier at any Safeway. If you have a Safeway customer loyalty card already, you do not need to change it out for a new one.

2nd: Make sure you've registered your card number on their site and that all your other personal information is up to date. Many of the deals and coupons that will be offered to you are based on your purchase history so you want to make sure your card is registered! All this can be done on Safeway's website. If you have problems or questions about the registration process you can call 1-877-723-3929 for assistance and they gladly help you.




Now onto how the program works. Log into your Safeway account and go under the Just for U tab. You'll see what is pictured above.



 Coupon Center


The first category is the Coupon Center. These are all the coupons available for you (and everyone else) to load onto your card. Since Safeway is now offering the coupons, you can no longer load coupons from other couponing sites to your card. Coupons take about 5 minutes to load to your card! Really, five minutes! You can load your card an immediately go to the store and they will be there at check out!

Find the coupons you want and click the red 'Add' button. Sorry, no stacking, you can't use paper coupons in addition to the digital one's. If you forget you have a digital and had the cashier a paper coupon the system will automatically choose the better deal.

Example: You have a digital coupon for 50 cents off a frozen food product and a $1 off paper coupon (or vice versa) for that same product. The register will only accept the $1 paper coupon because that is the better savings deal for the product. Your digital coupon will remain on your card for your next shopping trip (or until it expires). At this point you can print your list or move onto Personalized Deals to add more.

FYI: Many of the eCoupons in Just for U are one time use, so if you want more than one of an item you might want to use paper coupons for that product.



Personalized Deals


This category is specific to your shopping habits, everyone's Personalized Deals offers will vary based on their past purchases. Pictured above are just a few of my personalized deals located in my Safeway account. I have to say it's accurate, I haven't found anything in there yet we haven't bought before. If the deal says 'unlimited' you can get as much/many as you want until the offer expires (usually available about a month). The one's that don't say 'unlimited' are one time deals only.

To get the offers you add them to your card like you did in the coupon center.  If you find a better sale deal on an item in the store than what is offered to you in the personalized deals, the register will automatically ring up the better deal like I explained for the coupon center. You can use your eCoupons or paper coupons with these deals. Again, if you want more than one of an item you might want to use paper coupons since eCoupons are usually one time use. Deals take about 5 minutes to load to your card! When your finished print your list.



                                                                                               Your Club Specials


These are items that are on sale and available to everyone else in your sales area. You don't have to add them to your card. You can use your eCoupons or paper coupons with these offers.



                                                              Take it with you: Safeway's Just4U App (it's free)




Download the iPhone /iPad or Android app

The Safeway app works the same as the Just for U center on Safeway's website. It's a great money saving tool to use while your doing your shopping. Remember it only takes 5 minutes for deals to load to the card.

If you find an eCoupon or Personalized Deal you like, 'add' it. The only difference is when you click 'add' on your phone another button shows up saying 'add to list.' Click it! This will add the item to a list of items to be purchased on your phone so you don't forget about your deal. It's a great way to save for those who don't want to 'clip' coupons. Any $avings is good $avings.

Coming soon to the Safeway app:

You will be able to search all the items in the store for the best price. Example: You need OJ, you'll be able to search OJ and get all the brands they sell and all the prices for each!

If you've ever searched endlessly looking for something in the store and couldn't find it you will love this! They will be adding a search so you can find which products are in which aisles!



    Couponizer:: The Couponizer® ($19.99 value) is a complete set of tools designed to make saving money easy. It has 18 pockets for grocery coupons, 6 pockets for other coupons such as Restaurants, Retail, Rewards, 2 shopping pockets (Coupons to be used this shopping trip & Checkout), 3 loyalty card card sleeves, metal spiral bind, elastic closure strap, durable plastic covers.
    • 1 Shopping List pad - 20 tear off sheets/cardboard backing.
    • 1 CoupTracker pad - 15 tear off sheets/cardboard backing for record spending and savings by store.
    • 1 CoupStacker - pre-sorting cards used to organize coupons. The CoupStacker matches the category pockets so you can sort easily as you clip. Then place your categories in the Couponizer pockets.
    • 1 Carrying Bag - clear zippered vinyl bag.
    • 1 pair of scissors.
Canvas Mini Tote: The Canvas Mini Tote measures 9″ tall (12.5″ with handles), 9″ long and 4″ wide and is only available in green. It has a nice size front pocket to hold stuff too. The picture isn't accurate, the tote is one inch taller than The Couponizer (thats to the edge of the tote bag without the handles). Value: $12.95
    • Coupons included are: Paper Products, Household Supplies, Hygiene, Beauty, Health Care, Baby and Food. $100.00+ worth!
    • Free Product Coupons: (3) Vosko and Crunch Greek Yogurt (any flavor), (1) International Delights Iced Coffee Half Gallon (any flavor),
    • (1) Bottle Purex Triple Action Laundry Detergent and (1) Box of Honey Bunches of Oats (any flavor).
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