Robby Wash Ball




Oransi presents the Robby Washing Ball. I had never heard of it until I was offered this review and what a pleasant surprise it was! The Robby Wash Ball is a new way to do your laundry. I've been using it for a month now and have become very attached to it.

Inside the ball are maco-molecule pellets to clean the wash. When the pellet level goes down about a quarter of the way, you just add more by removing the little stopper on the top of the ball (works best when full). When your done your load of laundry, just leave it inside your washer for the next load. It can be used in top or front loading washers.

I wanted to wash everything several times to make sure things were really getting clean. You know, make sure things didn't get "dingy" after a few washes because the ball  wasn't "really" cleaning them. That was NOT a problem. Everything I washed was as clean on day 30 as on the first day. There is no scent with the Robby Ball. It's great for those who like unscented laundry or have babies. I like a fresh scent to my wash so I just used my fabric softener I normally use. If you have any stains, use the stain stick. Just rub it on then throw it in the washer.


Just an FYI: Sometimes I had to play the "Where is the Robby Ball" game. As it's rolling around in the washer the ball sometimes got stuck in a shirt sleeve or pant leg. Make sure you don't accidentally toss it in the dryer!




There is one thing you need to keep in mind when ordering. There are 2 Robby Wash Balls to choose from. The fuchsia laundry ball is for colored items and is for use in cooler water temperatures (up to 86F). The blue laundry ball is for both cold and hot water.




The starter pack comes with a ball already filled, 2 extra packs of pellets and a stain stick. The pellets are 10 ounces of macro-molecules which can clean for 12 months. This is equivalent to 1200+ ounces (75+ lbs) of washing powder. I've only used one of the extra packs since I received it. I love this wash ball and will continue using it!



 From Robby Wash site:

 Technical Specifications
 Fuchsia Wash Ball 

  • French Technology - worldwide patent
  • Net weight: 0.4 lbs
  • No phosphates or chlorine
  • RoHS lead free directive certified
  • Washes: 120 washes with pack (*use 2 balls with over-sized washing machines)
  • Contents: fuchsia wash ball loaded with macro-molecule pellets, a stain stick, 3 extra packets of macro-molecule pellets
  • Ultra high efficiency laundry solution - no need to add any laundry detergent
  • Hypoallergenic and great choice as a baby laundry detergent cleaner
  • Washer Temp: use in temperatures up to 86F
  • 10 ounces of macromolecules are equivalent to more than 1200 ounces of powder detergent
  • Reusable: ball can be used for 2-3 years
  • Light fragrance for a feeling of freshness at the end of the wash cycle
  • Safe to use with bleach however we recommend using our included stain stick for stain removal or a salt cleaner as this will not damage the fibers in your laundry like bleach can.
  • Note: Do not place the washing ball in the dryer as this could damage the washing ball and reduce its effectiveness



How to get it: Order your Robby Wash Blue Laundry Ball Pack online from Amazon for $19.00. Nore: Amazon prices can change at anytime. 

Posted 8/27/11 - FHS received this product free for review purposes. All opinions expressed are solely mine.



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