Packaways Reusable Plastic Storage Boxes



I wish I'd known about these boxes when we moved to Seattle from the Caribbean. We moved from a good size two bedroom apartment to cracker box sized condo in downtown Seattle. We've had some stuff stored away ever since. We are lucky enough to have a storage unit in the building we live in. At least we can access anything we need easily.

The Packaway Reusable Plastic Boxes are made of heavy duty corrugated plastic and unlike cardboard the corrugated plastic is water resistant. The boxes come in four colors; white, green, blue and magenta. They come in several sizes and you can use a dry erase marker to label the box. If you change the contents just erase and re-label it. What's even better is if you empty out a box and don't need to use it again right away it stores flat, yes flat!

I have food storage containers in the kitchen, but I store ones I don't use on a regular basis (larger ones for holidays, etc.) in the storage unit. I kept them in a regular cardboard box, I switched the contents to my Packaways box. The cardboard box was getting "tired looking" from me opening and closing it so often, (4 years worth of opening and closing). Opening and closing the new box is going to be a breeze. The corners tuck into the top. No tape needed or having to do that weaving the corners under and over like with the cardboard to keep it closed. The reusable storage boxes are sturdy too, it will store a heavy load with no problems.

The different colors would be nice to use for organizing. One color for kitchen stuff another for Christmas and so on. I love mine! I'm going to order a few more blue ones and use them for my Christmas decorations. That will make them easy to find each year when I need them.



                                                The boxes arrive flat.
                                     All you have to do is unfold them.



                  Push the tab in the bottom of the box to hold it together.

                                                             Fill it up.



                                                      Close the top.
                   It's that easy, even though Pixie doesn't look impressed.



                                                                                                                         Then just store it away.


How to get it: Order online at The reusable storage boxes are available in three sizes; 12 gallon, 18 gallon and 21 gallon. Prices start at $8.75 each - but they will last a long time and you can use them over and over again!

Posted 9/23/12 - FHS received this product free for review purposes. All opinions expressed are solely mine.