Pork - Be Inspired and Skillet Chipotle Pumpkin Sauce




Pork's slogan is 'Be Inspired' and I was when I realized I had two products to review that would be great together. Pork chops and Skillet Chipotle Pumpkin Sauce! A little sweet, savory and spice on pork chops. We grabbed a pack of boneless pork chops, rice, some veggies (zucchini and onions) and the Chipotle Pumpkin Sauce and put the grill on the stove top. Yes, the stove top. We live in Seattle and of course it was raining!

The Skillet Chipotle Pumpkin Sauce is the brainstorm of a street food company, Skillet Street Food located in Seattle, WA. You read that correctly, one of those airstream trailers that drive around selling food. I'm lucky enough to live in Seattle, so if I need their products I can go to the airstream and purchase them.

I thought would be perfect pairing and I was right!

The taste of the Skillet Chipolte Pumpkin Sauce is so good. You can taste the pumpkin, but it's also smokey and little spicy. The smokey taste came through first, then the pumpkin, then the heat. It's not too spicy though, it doesn't burn your mouth. I think it's actually more smokey than spicy. The pumpkin and chipotle together is a nice surprise, they compliment each other. One doesn't over power the other. There was only one bad thing about this product. I received a sample size jar, I wish it was bigger. I have no doubt I can find more uses for it.

The USDA now recommends you cook your pork chops an internal temperature of 145 degrees (a digital themometer is best). Once it get's to the proper temperature place it on a plate and cover with foil for a few minutes. Tenderloins, roasts and ground pork should be cooked to 160 degrees. The pork will be slightly pink, but nice and juicy, no more dried out pork. Pre-cooked hams are a different story, they should be reheated to 140 degrees. Skillet Chipotle Pumpkin Sauce would be great on a pre-cooked ham too. Think about how tasty left over ham would be on a sandwich! Not mention you could spread more sauce on your bread or roll for an added kick of flavor instead of using mayonaise or mustard. In fact, it would make a great replacement for your every day ketchup. This would be a nice change for your french fries. I'm hoping I have enough left to merinate a skirt steak with, the uses are endless.

Here's an FYI for you about pork: If your wondering if it's good for you, the answer is yes. Pork tenderloin, ounce for ounce is as lean as skinless chicken breast. Boneless pork chops are just sliced up pork tenderloin!



                                              Looking good so far.

                  Internal temperature for pork is 145 degrees. Almost there!





                            Time to add the Skillet Chipotle Pumpkin Sauce. 

                                                   Dinner is served!  



                                                   It was yummy!  

Skillet Pumpkin Sauce comes in 3 varieties: thai coconut, chipotle, and apple vinegar brown sugar.



How to get them: Skillet Chipotle Pumpkin Sauce is available through Skillet Street Food for $8.00. You can hit up the airstream if your in Seattle or order online. They are happy to answer any questions you have about their products too, just email them at eat@skilletstreetfood.com.

You can pick up pork at Kroger Family Stores or anywhere else that has a meat section. Prices vary by product.

 Posted 5/22/12 - FHS received these products free for review purposes, all opinions expressed are solely mine.