Vizardz Personalized 2.5D Night Lights




We use night lights all over our house, we keep them on at night in case someone wakes up. The hallway, kitchen, bathroom, living room - everywhere. That way no lights need to be turned on that may wake someone else.

We love this nightlight from! You add your favorite photo and it illuminates. We put our cat Gizmo on ours. The picture you upload is carved into a 2.5D insert and when it lights up it's a 3D picture, you can see every detail, it's beautiful. You can see the difference when it off then turned on (pictures to left).

These would make such a great night light for a child who grandparents live far away or if a parent is deployed. The nightlight would be useful as light but also comforting to have a picture of a loved one on it.



The next picture (left) is the back of the night light. You can even have more inserts made so you can change out your photo. You can have them made in monochrome or in color. Color is what I received for this review. The photo below with the bride and groom is monochrome, that's great looking too.

In addition to night lights, also creates ornaments and light boxes. Both using the same application to create the pictures. Any of these would make a wonderful personalized gift.








"2.5D pictures combine a three-dimensional topography with your two-dimensional digital photographs and images. This combination adds depth, texture, and contrast to breathe life into your ordinary photos. When light is applied to a Vizardz 2.5D picture, the stunning beauty of our technique is demonstrated, rendering the image in 3D. These 2.5D pictures are available as Night Lights, Ornaments, and Light Boxes."



How to get it: Order online at - Night lights starts at $38.95.
12/16/12 - FHS received this product free for review purposes. All opinions expressed are solely mine.



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