Sweet Treats from Maggie Moo's and Marble Slab Creamery



Everyone knows you can get great frozen treats at Maggie Moos and Marble Stone Creamery. That's common knowledge, did you know you can get some tasty crunchy treats there too? The best part is you can mix them into your own ice cream at home or eat them just on their own. Pick your favorite, break it up and mix it in. 
All three mix-ins I received were delicious. But,
I really liked Just Chocolate the best. Who wouldn't like a pretzel dipped in chocolate then covered in sprinkles or chocolate or peanut butter chips. It's heaven to me. I didn't even put them in ice cream, I ate them right out of the container.

If your at either Maggie Moo's or Marble Stone Creamery pick some up!




The 'Wonderfuls' are yummy biscotti topped off with smooth dark chocolates. There are also marshmallows in creamy chocolates, raisins drenched in chocolate and butter crunch wrapped in white and dark chocolate. The 'Indulge Gourmet' are salty, crunchy pretzels dipped in chocolates or peanut butter. The 'Just Chocolate' are pretzels dipped in chocolate topped with sprinkles, chocolate chips and other toppings.



How to get it: Stop by any Maggie Moos or Marble Slab Creamy and pick up Wonderfuls, Indulge Gourmet or Just Chocolate from $9.99 up to $12.99.

Posted 8/6/12 - FHS received this product free for review purposes, all opinions expressed are solely mine.



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