Looney Tunes Personalized Children's Book



I can't express enough how much I love this book. It's so adorable! I received this personalized book free for the review but it's actually going to be a gift. The only problem I have is the little guy I'm giving it to, he to lives on the opposite coast. I'll be mailing it to him and won't be able to see his face as the story is being read to him. The story that he is a part of. 

You add your child's first and last name, hometown, state and up to three friends or relatives to the story. You also get to add a personal dedication to the book.

The book is great quality, it's a hardback book and is quite big. It measures 9"x11.5". It's not flimsy at all and since it's big, the book should be easy for his little hands to handle.  The pictures are well done and have vivid colors that should keep his attention. The book is about 10 pages long so that should fit his attention span as well.



                                                                   A page from Christian's book:



You can see how well the pictures in the book are done above. The story is a cute one about how the Looney Tunes characters come out of the television during a twister. From there everyone tries to get to the Wizards house to make their wishes come true.

It's a sweet book that I'm sure my little guy will love. How can he not, he's in it! KD Novelties offers more than personalized books. You can also get personalized childrens music, personalized DVD's and more. I'm definitely ordering more.  



How to get it: Order online at KD Novelties. Prices start around $11.95 for the personalized books. You can use  the code 10per-off at checkout to get 10% off until November 15, 2012. Follow KD Novelties on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with all the new products.

Posted 10/17/12 - FHS received this product free for review purposes. All opinions expressed are solely mine.