Juppy Baby Walker Momentum



This is the greatest thing ever for babies! I remember when my kids were little and I was hunched over like the mom in the picture on the left. If your a mom you've been there or are there or will be soon. The baby is wanting to walk, but isn't quite steady enough to do it on their own. The Juppy Baby Walker Momentum ends the hunching over for you, and the mom death grip on the babies hands while you help them walk.

I gave this product to a friend who has toddler and both her and the baby love it. You slip the baby in, zip up the back and adjust the two straps on over the zipper so the baby is nice and snug. The straps are adjustable to make them a comfortable length for mom's height. The straps have felt grips on them that can be adjusted for mom to hold on to have a comfortable grip.

The mom said it took a bit for him to get used to it. Once he did the mom noticed he's getting more courageous while he's in the Juppy. She thinks it's because he's feeling secure in it. The funny part is, since he's not holding onto her hands he tries to make a run for items he sees in the house. Hands free - must grab!



The baby is also getting sturdier on his legs. He's been getting better at balancing himself thanks to the Juppy, with help from mom of course. They can use this for as long as he needs it because the Juppy can hold a toddler up to 30 pounds!

If your Juppy gets dirty cleaning is easy. Toss it in the washer on gentle cycle then air dry it. It will be good as new.

Note - Please Read:

1. Don't pull the straps to high - it's uncomfortable for the baby.

2. Don't be tempted to swing the baby using the straps, it's not made for that and you could seriously injure the child.





How to get it: Order your Juppy Baby Walker Momentum at JuppyBabyWalker.com for $29.95.

Posted 12/17/12 - New giveaway added 6/24/13 - FHS received this product free for review purposes, all opinions expressed are solely mine.



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