Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp



Have you seen or heard of the Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps? They're not only beautiful but they are believed to clean the air you breathe too. Salt is known as nature's air purifier. The negative ions clean the air of dust, pollen (grass, weed and tree pollen), animal dander, smoke, odor and mold spores. Salt Lamps have been used as natural treatments for; rheumatism, allergies, respiratory diseases, and migraines. The hotter the lamp gets the better it purifies the air. Not bad for a pretty lamp.



Let's not forget to mention it's just soothing to look at when it's lit up. I love this lamp, at first I had it in my living room. Then I realized I never get to see it since I spend most of my time at my desk. So I moved it, the lamp is now at my desk on the shelf right above eye level. I turn it on in the mornings and leave it on all day and well into the night, (that's really how much time I spend at my desk).

I don't have any of the health issues listed above, so I can't personally verify that information. There are testimonials on the Himalayan Salt Shop site for those who want to see what users of the lamps think and even
Dr. Oz likes the power of salt.

What I do know is I'm more relaxed when the lamp is on. Then after doing some research I found this, "According to medical research light therapy is a common treatment in the North Countries where one finds high rates of depression that are related to the long winter nights. Salt lamps can be used for light therapy and they can be used to adjust our emotional conditions." Okay, so I can verify the lamp can relax you (or should I say me).
There's something soothing about having a nice soft glowing light to look at. Plus, living in Seattle, with the constant gray in the winter sky a little light therapy wouldn't hurt.



The crystal lamp I received for this review is a 4 - 5 pounds and stands about 6 - 7 inches and is about 4 - 5 inches around. They say this size lamp can clean the air for an 8x8 area,but here are many sizes and shapes to choose from. Stop by the Himalayan Salt Shop and take a look around, prices start at $24.99! Order one or more as a holiday gift, the price is right and they will definitely love it.



Posted 8/7/12 - FHS received this product free for review purposes. All opinions expressed are solely mine.

How to get it: Order a Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp just like the one in this review online at the Himalayan Salt Shop website for $24.99.





One 4-5LB Himalayan Salt Lamp just like the one mentioned in this review.

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