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I love doing food reviews, I get to try something new that most people haven't tried yet. We do a lot of cooking from scratch in our house and my husband eats a lot of salads, so I could really put these products to use. One thing you should know about the sprays is you have to pump the bottle. You just push down on the black lid until you can't anymore, just takes a few pumps, then spray.

The Balsamic Vinegar and Pomegranate Spray Mister has great flavor, I like this one a lot. You can spray it onto a salad or cook with it. We did both, one night we had dinner salads and spayed it on. You don't need more than one spray of the can. It has a lot of flavor. One spray equals is one serving and each serving is less than 5 calories! Another night I was sauteing chicken and spray some on. Balsamic is usually a pretty strong flavor, but the pomegranate mellows it a bit. The chicken was delicious. I think it would taste great on shrimp too, that's next. And it's gluten free, with flavor that will make your taste buds happy!


The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray Mister is easy to test out. You can use olive oil for just about anything. I sprayed some in the pan before I started sauteing my chicken, it's been used on salads and more. It's so easy to use just a couple sprays of the bottle, no more over pouring. Our dinner salads were small enough that one spray was plenty, then we drizzled on some of the Balsamic Vinegar on them. This is also gluten free.


The Balsamic Vinegar single serve packets are quite tasty. Like I said, we drizzled it on both the salads. We only used one packet between the two salads, a little goes a long way. These are individual packets that can easily be kept in your desk for lunch. Add them to anything; salads, for added kick to your sandwich or wrap, the possibilities are endless. You can marinate your dinner to, just add a little olive oil. One night after my husband went to sleep my Italian genes kicked in. I put some olive oil in a dish added some Balsamic Vinegar and starting dipping a roll in it. Though this wouldn't be considered a good eating habit, I don't do it often. But, it was yummy.






How to get it: Order online at GourmeMist.com. Balsamic Vinegar and Pomegranate is $9.99, Organic Extra Virgin Olive cost $10.99 which are great prices as you can tell from the video above since there are so many servings in a bottle.The Balsamic Vinegar individual packets 14ct box is $9.99.

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Posted 7/15/12


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