Fiber One Brownies






Pretty much everyone likes them...brownies. You don't have to feel guilty eating them anymore! Fiber One has 90 calorie brownies and they actually taste good! 

I was sent a box of Fiber One Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies to try for this review. I gave to admit, I thought cookie, brownie in the same description, how weird.

I was surprised by the taste at first because they don't taste anything like a brownie we're all use to. They aren't suppose to, think brownie texture and with all the flavors of a chocolate chip cookie. Once I got over the emotional mind bend that my brownie wasn't suppose to be chocolate, I liked them. These brownies are better for you than others. Fiber One has only 90 calories and 20% of the daily value of fiber (5g). They're nice a moist and for those who need chocolate (like me), no worries, there is some drizzled on the top.

Fiber One Brownies are worth trying. You can give in to your sweet tooth without feeling bad about having a snack!



How to get it: Available at most grocery stores and other retailers for about $4.00.

Posted 8/13/12 - FHS received this product free for review purposes, all opinions expressed are solely mine.





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