Here is a list of fake freebie offers available out there, if see these offered anywhere don't sign up for them.

I had a fake freebie list, then I came across Wendy's list at GimmieFreebies. I've consolidated my list and Wendy's list (with her permission) and keep updating as I find more. If you have ordered a freebie from anywhere that never arrived send me the info so I can add it to the list. Use the 'Contact Us' form under the "PR" tab above.




3M Microfiber Car Detail Cloth - The phone number listed has been disconnected. They do not link to a website. Brand new Facebook page.Business matching address in Yelp has no knowledge of this offer. *

 $500 or $1000 Walmart Gift Card offer on Facebook - variety of links. If you see it do not install the application. How to Deal with the Scam:  If you did make the mistake of installing the Facebook application, then you could be spamming the message to your friends. Clean up your newsfeed and profile to remove references to the scam. (click the “x” in the top right hand corner of the post).  You’ll also need to remove the rogue Facebook application from your account. - This is a YOUTUBE VIDEO and it has a lot of information about the scams out there for Walmart Gift Cards - Worth Watching!


 A.C.T. energy drink or samples

 Acidophilus Pearls *


 Address Lables + Stationery Kit from Akta Lakota  - this has been around a while -  NEVER RECEIVED                                                                              *     


Agrimarks Plant Markers for Gardens * 


Airwick car air freshener * 


 alice woodrum shaping spray *


Alterna Skincare for Hair   *


anti flatulence filter * 


Any Offers with the URL  * - Free balloons  "Our Promo Pack includes:  - 3 Balloons, - Pen, - Keychain, - Bottle Opener, - Our Catalog


 ARouge Zenyaku skin care samples - *


 ashley cardell chocolate *


Awakening supplement * 


Baby Barn Baby Body and Hair Wash and Soft Skin Baby Lotion  *


 Baby Blanket *


Baby Fever Pacifier *


 Baby Barn Baby Body and Hair Wash and Soft Skin Baby Lotion *


 Baseball Cap from Mission Trailers - freebie with email sign up *


 Free Bath sponge *
Also have posted these fakes on same site
Sun Vibes Spa: Massage Therapy, Esthetics and Salon
Sun Vibes Spa: Free Massage Oil Sample
Sun Vibes Spa: Free Shower Gel Sample
Sun Vibes Spa: Massage Therapy, Esthetics and Salon


free beauty samples * 


Beehive Bra Clips or Skin Care * 


 Free Bee Pollen (Nutritional Supplement) *HTTP://WWW.POLLENPOWER.COM/


free beer mugs * 


BG Health Bar * 


big soap company * 


Billy Bee magnet * 


 bobblehead dolls * 


 BnT Jerky * 


 Free body scrub  *


 Body Oil or Lotion Sample From Bop88 - *


free body product * 


Free bottle of water * 


 Free Bra From Stock 23 *


Free Samples of Bubble Mailers * - Site s legitimate, but they don't really send samples. Sad 


buybeauty (lancome gift) * 


Free Caldarella's Kitchen Utensil Set - The company doesn't know anything about the freebie offer. It's SPAM -  It is an attempt to get your info and to click certain links to earn whoever is behind this money. *


california cosmetics * 


 Free Cami and Panties *


 candy store sample *


Cardinal Glass *


 free CD *


 cd's every month *


China's Lantern Tour Guides:  


 Chiplets Dog treats (email offer)


 Chipotle Free Meal Offer - when you re-post this photo  Also states to follow us, tag us to get a free meal. One per person, valid until March 20. Don't re-post it - this offer was never posted by Chipotle.


 Chocolate - Gourmet samples from Anna's Chocolate *


 Free chocolate *


Chocolate Explosion Recipe book * 


Chocolate truffles * 


Clay Essentials face and body mask samples  *


Clorox 2 Sample *


 Cloud 9 Spa Free Handmade Spa Slippers *

Free Homemade soap by Cloud 9 Spa *

Free Handmade body lotion by Cloud 9 Spa *

Free Handmade bath salt by Cloud 9 Spa *


 Free Coffee Mug or Cap *


 Free compressed t-shirt *


 Computer Screen Cleaners *


Free Corkscrew from Wine Making Society - Facebook offer * or this link


 Cosmetic Sample and Consultation from Noevir *


Crave Energy Drink  * 


Cryogel Ice Ball sample


 free crystal *


 D'Lights Candles (or anything from *


 Free D-Ring Holder *


Data Buddha Shirt * 


 dehydrated water *


 Free Denim Case *


 Desk Lamp *


 dictionary CD *


Free Digilake's blanks DVD+R * 

Free Digilake's Posts-Its *
Free Digilake's Pencil *
Free Digilake's Coffee Cup *

Free Digilake's Mouse *


Diva in a Box Hair Extensions * 


Doggie Delights  *


 Free sample Dog Joint Care K9 FullFlex *


 Dog Tag (personalized - the kind for a necklace not your dog) The offer will say for the first 10,000 who sign up. *


 Drontal Plus Cleanup Bags Dispenser * 


Dual Masters Poster * 


Eight76 Records Tshirt Offer * 


 Free Engagement Gift *


 Free Eraser Set *


Etude Beauty Samples - The same as the fake freebie for Skin Care Advisor listed below just using a different name for the Facebook app. *


 Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment *


 Extreme Garage T-shirt *


Free Eyeglass Case *


Free Fat Burners * 


 Free Fertility Tests / Pregnancy Tests *  or *


Flush Doggy Flushable Dog Waste Bags   *


 First Hug Baby Blanket *


 Free Flag or Angel Pin *


 Flint River Ranch *


Free Flu Survival Kit *


 Free Flix Sticks  *  OR  *


 Gano coffee is a multi-level marketing thing. The distributors are looking for prospects. No samples are sent.  There have been several over the years.


 Free Gift *


Ginnero Chocolate * 


Good Doer Wristband *


Good Morning Hawaii T Shirt  *


Guitar pick holder and 5 black picks      *


guitar pick * 


 Free handmade peach soap sample *


 head haircare *


 Hendrickson's Original Sweet Vinegar and Olive Oil *


 Herbal Dictionary *


Home Brewers * 


Free Horny Goat Condoms *


 Anything from they offer mouse pads and post it notes etc. the URL starts with  *


free Hot Chocolate * 


hot mom driving car magnet * 


 House of Gosh *


 HOT Texas hot sauce *


Free Huggies Baby Wipes * 


ice cream offers from selfoods * 


 Any JJ Martin offer *


 Jay Mafia free T-shirt offer - *


Jolly cookbook * 


 Kebroak Fire Starter *


Free"Kindness Cards" from Gift of Kindness * 


 Kitchen Towel *


 Kitchen Utensil Set from Caldarella's Restaurant Supply - Offer appears on a Facebook page, but it is not the company's page and they were not aware of the offer.


Kitty cat Sampler Pack (email offer) kittycatpetstore@


 Komodo Teriyaki Sauce - never arrives - *


 Lady Pink Stationary (email offer)


 free laser pointer engraved *


Lindt Truffles from I love Quinton Ulrich * 


 magic herbs *


 Free Magnetic Clip *


 Mayco Key Chain *


 Measuring Spoon from Flatbread Grill - Flatbread Grill is a real restaurant in NJ, but does not offer any freebies.


 MemoFlurry wrist pad *


 Free Metal Dragon Knife Pendant *


Minty Kisses Gum * 


Miracle Grip * 


Mohrdar Institute of Homeopathy & Integrated Medicine Skin Care Samples  *


 My Beauty Reviews - free ice bag  *


 My Healthy Info Offers (any) *


 Natural Solutions Samples *


 Free Nectavida and Revvida Body Fuel Samples  *


 Nicky's� Folders *


Free NIKON D90 Strap *


 Free Notepad and Pen *


 nourifusion skincare *


 Oasis Bottle Tray ~ been around a long time and doesn't come *


 Oh Shot T-shirt *


 OK Magazine * 


olay cloths * 


Open Heart Cross * 


 Free Sample of Oxyfresh Toothpaste *


 Free Ozone Air testing Kit *


 Ozzy T-Shirts Shop Free Aromatherapy Candle – Serenity *


 Pennington Grass Seed Sample * t-shirt * 


Personna Disposable Razors or anything from Buy Razors Facebook page. Buy Razors will create a Facebook page and offer free packs of men's or women's razors.  A few days after you sign up the Facebook page will be gone. *


Pet Maxi -  Free Dog Sleeping Bag or FREE SAMPLE of SynergyLabs Gloss and Glide Detangler for Dogs and Cats or Free Artemis Holistic Canned Seafood Cat Food *  


 Pet N' Shape Dog Treats ~ been around since 2006 and doesn't come *


 free pet treats * 


 petrix tshirt * 


 Info Pack with Photo Frame Request *


Free Can of Pam Cooking Spray *


Phenoseal Vinyl Adhesive Caulk * 


 Pint Jacket *


pipe fabricators mousepad * 


posh bomb shirt * 


 Popchips has confirmed that the "free popchips when you "like" them on facebook" offer is fake!! *!/popchips?v=wall&story_fbid=148275158529776


 Poshbomb "Sample" tshirt - reports from 2008 and earlier indicate nothing ever arrives Sad  *  


 Free Pregnancy and Wellness Kit *


Free Protein Cereal *


Replenishing Shampoo *


Sample of Revvida Enegy Drink * 


Free Ringtonica Correction Pen * 


 Free Ringtonica Multi-Purpose glue *


 sally hansen nail polish *


 scoopex *


Any Scent Samples from Signature Scent * or *


 Sandy Wipes Sample  *


 Sesakiss Sesame Bar  *


Silk Hankerchief * 


Skin Care Advisor - Skin Sampling Kit on Facebook  *


Snuggle or Snuggie Blanket * 


Free Bottle of Snuggle Fabric Softener *


 Free Soap from Laruh Aveda Salon *


Stencil ruler from Hostohost web hosting * 


 free stressball *


 splendid delights crownies * 


 Sporks from PSM America *


 Free Sports Bra *


 Subway Gift Card *


Any offers from SunFrog *


SunLab Sunlotion Suntan lotion *  OR  *
OR  * 


super wipes * 


Free sample of Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa * 


 Free Tape Measure Pen W/Catalog Request - FW Modular *


tea chef * 


TEASTA Free Sample *


Many have reported *  *editor's note:  TF doesn't actually give things away, they're a freebie reporting site like GF and FHS...however, they ACT like it's them giving it away. They create a lot of hype, make you sign up with them to get stuff, and then give you an (one example) AVEENO in-store freebie that's been out for 3 months and is long gone.  Give them credit for their marketing ploy, but am not a fan of what they're doing. 


thongs * 


Free Toilet Paper *


 Free Travel Sewing Kit *


 Travel USA T-shirt *


 Travel USA T-Shirt * 


Tums/Oscal *


 Free USB Thumb Drive *


 Free USB flash drive *  OR   *


 Free Sample Vinyl Handle Bag *


 Free Water Bottle from Canon *


WeirdFragrances * 


 FREE SAMPLE BOTTLE of Windex� Multi Task *


 Whiskey Flask from Independent Whiskey Assoc.  * /624025670941047?sk=app_203351739677351&ref=s


Free wooden comb from Light Breeze Spa & Salon * 


 Free Wood Skull Auto Air Freshener *


 Free Worry Doll *


 your beauty rep *