En Rouge Basic Eye Package



I'm like most girls and love to try new make-up, no matter how old I get that doesn't seem to change. I was asked to review a just launched high end make-up and skin care line called En Rouge. Being one of the first to try it sounded great to me! 

I was asked what color eyes I have to they could customize my eye make-up. Mine are hazel and the make-up package they sent goes perfect with my eyes. En Rouge offers kits for every eye color.

I really liked these products, even the liquid eyeliner. I'm a bit challenged in that area. They are more expensive than what you can buy at the drug store. But, if you decide to spurge and try them you won't be disappointed. Here's more about the kit:


The eyeshadow has five colors an applicator that has a brush at both ends. All the colors for hazel eyes are earth tones, which I prefer anyway. Apparently my color choices have been right all these years. The eyeshadow  goes on easily and stays on all day.


I love my Large Shadow Brush, it's perfect for blending the eyeshadow once you apply it. Honestly, I use to use my finger, but this works so much better. It's about 7 inches long and easy to work with.


I thought, mascara, how different can it be. Well for one no matter how long you've had it on during the day it looks like you just put it on. Your eyelashes keep their shape even if you use a curler. It waterproof and flake proof. Even if you have sensitive eyes you can probably use this mascara. The color mascara in my package is black.


Now I have to be honest, I never tried liquid eyeliner until this arrived. I always used a pencil. I was a little nervous. It took several tries and about a quarter of a bottle of eye make-up remover before I got it right. It wasn't the eyeliner that was the problem, it was the user. But, after some practice I realized you can do a thin line or a bold line if your looking to be more dramatic. Once I got the hang of it, the eyeliner was easy to use. The brush on this is nice, I was worried about the brush fraying and ending up with little lines other than the one I was trying to do. But that doesn't happen. It's fragrance free and non-irritating, so there are now worries about it bothering your eyes. The color sent to me in my package is black.



How to get it: You can order your Basic Eye Package with all the items above to match your eye color online at En Rouge for $64.50.

                                            Posted 7/14/12 - FHS received this product free for review purposes. All opinions expressed are solely mine.