The Couponizer and Canvas Mini Tote





I admit it -  I coupon and I even have a binder. Yes I'm that serious about it. I get strange looks from time to time at stores, but I don't care. I know I'm paying about 50% - 60% less at checkout than anyone else if not more! So they can give all the crazy looks they want.

The solution is The Couponizer. It's easier to carry than a binder, it measures 8" tall, 6" wide, 1" deep. That's before you stuff it's 18 pockets full and add your loyalty cards.



The tote is super handy. It holds everything, the Couponizer, your wallet, cell phone and keys! No purse needed for shopping trips. This Canvas Mini Tote measures 9″ tall (12.5″ with handles), 9″ long and 4″ wide and is only available in green. It has a nice size front pocket to hold stuff too. The picture above isn't accurate, the tote is one inch taller than The Couponizer (thats to the edge of the tote without the handles). During their Mother's Day promotion you can get the Canvas Mini Tote FREE ($12.95 value) with each Couponizer ordered! Promotion begins 4/27/12 and runs through 5/9/12.

The Couponizer is great, easy to use couponing tool if your a beginner or an expert at couponing. I have a Couponizer, I've had it since the fall. I use my binder to keep all my coupons in, but there are times when I don't feel like lugging around the binder. Envelopes aren't really convenient for me since I like to keep categories seperate. Which I could do by using seperate envelopes, but that would mean I would need about 20 envelopes. That won't work for me at all. Plus, I always want to bring more coupons than are on my shopping list just in case I spot a good deal. There are certain household cleaning product I always look for and there is the endless quest for Ziploc Bags.

You'll want to keep The Couponizer on you at all times since it has pockets for retail stores and restaurants too. I've love this feature, especially when I go to Bed Bath & Beyond. I always get coupons from them in the mail and use to forget them at home because they were under a magnet on the refrigerator. Now I have them on me whenever I go to the store.





Couponizer Includes:

The Couponizer® is a complete set of tools designed to make saving money easy. It has 18 pockets for grocery coupons, 6 pockets for other coupons such as Restaurants, Retail, Rewards, 2 shopping pockets (Coupons to be used this shopping trip & Checkout), 3 loyalty card card sleeves, metal spiral bind, elastic closure strap, durable plastic covers.

1 Shopping List pad - 20 tear off sheets/cardboard backing.

1 CoupTracker pad - 15 tear off sheets/cardboard backing for record spending and savings by store.

1 CoupStacker - pre-sorting mat used to organize coupons. The CoupStacker matches the category pockets so you can sort easily as you clip. Then place your categories in the Couponizer pockets.

1 Carrying Bag - clear zippered vinyl bag.

1 pair of scissors.



How to get it: You can get one for a special couponing mom by ordering online at for $19.99.

DON'T FORGET: For Mother's Day you can get a FREE Canvas Mini Tote ($12.95 value) with each Couponizer ordered! Promotion begins 4/27/12 and runs through 5/9/12.

 Posted 4/25/12 - FHS received this product free for review purposes, all opinions expressed are solely mine.