Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce

We are a Country Bob's house, really we are. We buy it and eat it on a regular basis. We use it mostly for as a marinade or as you would a BBQ sauce. For those who aren't familiar with how Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce taste, imagine if A1 and BBQ sauce had a baby, it would taste like Country Bobs. Which is why it's so good in just about any meal.

For this review we used the All Purpose Sauce in two dinners. The first night we had kabobs and brushed the All Purpose Sauce on the last few minutes of cooking them. It gave a nice, flavorful taste to the beef and the vegetables. My husband doesn't like cold sauces,
and when I say cold I mean straight from the bottle. He prefers them heated on the meat on the grill. But, he will put some Country Bob's on his plate for dipping. That's how good it is.

The second night I wanted to try something different with Country Bob's. I found a recipe for a dipping sauce on Country Bob's site. It was easy to make, 2 parts Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce and one part Ranch Dressing. We prepared homemade chicken fingers to dip in it. It went perfectly with them!  Definitely check out the recipes they have you can find something yummy to make. That's the great thing about Country Bob's you can use it on just about anything.

Country Bob's also has other products that are delicious too, I've tried them all! They do make their own Barbeque Sauce and a Spicy All Purpose Sauce. My husband loves the sauces but his favorite's is the Seasoning Salt, it's a perfect blend of spices. Once you try their products you will want to get more!

How to get it: You can order online at or you can check the store locator to find it sold in a store near you. Many Walmart's carry it!

 Posted 11/9/12

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