I've posted about my husbands allergies before and I'm sure having a couple cats doesn't make his nose work better. He's truly tried just about everything, from over the counter pills to nasal sprays. He did find a nasal spray that worked pretty well a few months back, but he had to use it a couple times a day.

He had used Claritin before but not Claritin-D, so he was skeptical. Since he's grown used to being this blogger's guinea pig he tried it.

He took one pill and waited. He was happy it was working and working great, but didn't think it would last 24 hours. BUT IT DID! Not only was he impressed, it really is the only allergy medicine he uses now.

Just an FYI: Claritin-D is available without a prescription but you have to purchase it at a pharmacy prescription counter. Due to an ingredient in Claritin-D, you have to provide the pharmacist with your name and address.


From Claritin-D:

Claritin-D tablets help relieve all your worst allergy symptoms, including nasal congestion and sinus pressure, without drowsiness. Get multi-symptom allergy relief - without a prescription! Just ask for it behind the pharmacy counter.

  • Clears nasal congestion and sinus pressure
  • Non-drowsy, long-lasting relief - indoors and out
  • Treats your worst allergy symptoms
  • #1 Pharmacist-recommended adult multi-symptom allergy product


How to get it: Available at any pharmacy desk for about $13.00.

Posted 2/6/13 - FHS received this product free for review purposes, all opinions expressed are solely mine.