Charmin Freshmates



Have you ever used Charmin Freshmates? We have and let me tell you, once you've used the wipes there is no going back! That's how much you will like them.

You use them in addition to your toilet tissue to keep you fresh and clean. We have actually used several different brands, but the one thing I like the most about Charmin Freshmates is the size of the opening to pull the wipes out of. Others have them folded into each other so they pop out like a tissue would. Always leaving one popped out of the top to grab.



But, sometimes it doesn't work as planned and the opening is small, sticking your fingers in to get another is scratchy on your fingers. Of course, you end up opening the whole container like you would to refill the wipes just to get one. Charmins opening is nice and wide, making them easy to grab and they have a nice light scent. They are also flushable, when your done send it down the toilet with the toilet tissue.

We store our wipes in the vanity drawer next to the toilet for easy access

If your a woman, these are fantastic when mother nature stops by for her visits. Not to mention great for young children who are still working on their wipe technique.

Try them for yourself!



How to get it: Charmin Freshmates are available anywhere Charmin Toilet Tissue is sold.

Posted 12/15/12 -   FHS received this products free for review purposes. All opinions expressed are solely mine.