Butt Bench For Your Tub!



Yup, that's the real name, it makes you giggle doesn't it. Except the Butt Bench is no laughing matter. If you really think about how many ways you can use it, you will want one.

You can use it to store all your bath items on. Of course, you can put all the kids toys on it so you don't have to shovel them out when you want to take a shower. It's great to put your foot on while shaving your legs. Heck, if you want to you can sit on it while you shower, perfect for seniors. It's sturdy, the Butt Bench can hold up to 300lbs!




I really like the Butt Bench I received for this review (pictured left). It's cedar, 30 inch width. The bench is sealed to protect it from water. You don't need any tools to install the bench, there are suction cups attached to the back that stick to your tile. The suction cups slide right to left so you can position them since they don't stick to grout. Once in place the bench won't move!

There are more to choose from if cedar isn't for you. You can choose from natural finish pine, white pine or pink pine. They all come in your choice 12 or 15 inch depth (mine is 12 inches). 

Butt Bench doesn't fit all bathtubs, your tub can't be more than 30 inches wide. If it's wider than that the Butt Bench won't fit. It also doesn't fit bathtubs with glass sliding doors or one piece fiberglass tubs and wall units. The bench needs at least an inch on each side to set firmly. Your tub must be like the one in the diagram below. To find out more, check out their FAQ's page.



                                   The suction cups slide for easy set up. 



                               Tub can't be more than 30 inches wide.





From Butt Bench:

Read and follow installation instructions before using the Butt Bench. Close adult supervision is necessary when this product is being used by or near children. Do not leave children unattended when Butt Bench is installed in the bathtub.



Butt Bench's site sells more than the benches. They have several tub safety items to choose from including a Bath Step, a few different Bath Safety Bars and Bath Mat. The prices are reasonable, they're all under $30.00.




How to get it: To purchase the Cedar Butt Bench in this review go to ButtBench.com. Measure your tub to make sure the Butt Bench will fit. The 12 inch bench is $52.95 and the 15 inch bench is $56.00. The Pine Butt Benches start at $43.00. 

Visit Butt Bench's Facebook page to see more pictures of the Butt Bench in use.

  FHS received this product free for review purposes from Butt Bench. All opinions expressed are solely mine.



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