BIC Mark It Permanent Markers



This was a fun review. I was sent everything needed to create a mask. I received:

*36 pack BIC Mark It Permanent Markers


*6 Rolls Satin Ribbon

*Glitter Glue Pens

*Pack of Mini Sparkle Jewels 

*Bag of Feathers

Since I'm not to artistic so I found a picture of a similar mask online to use as kind of a template.


It was like being a kid again coloring and using glitter glue! I definitely used more of that then I planned on. The markers were great and flowed smoothly over the mask. They also were easy going from using the fine point to a thinner line. What was interesting is how fast it dried. I thought I would smear the color if I brushed my hand on it while trying to draw another line. But I didn't, it dried that quickly. Because of that, keep in mind these markers are intended for adult use. You can have some unwanted art work in your home if children use them unattended.

BIC Mark It Permanent Markers were fun and easy to use. You can create anything you can imagine with them. If your not sure what you want to make, stop by BIC Mark It's craft page to get some inspiration.





How to get it: BIC Mark It Permanent Markers are available at most retailers. Price depends on the amount of markers in the pack. Price s range from about $7.00 - $17.00

                                          Posted 11/3/12 -  FHS received this product free for review purposes, all opinions expressed are solely mine.